This guide will show you to how to manage the status of your page. Including how to save changes as you are building your page and how to publish the page when you are ready to go live.

Step-by-step guide

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Upon making changes to your page, when clicking on the done button you will be able to complete several actions.

Discard: This will allow you to discard any new changes you have made to the page from its last saved state.

Draft: This will allow you to save the page as you build your page. Saving the page as a draft will also allow you to make changes to a page that is public without those changes being immediately visible.

Publish: This will allow you to publish the page so it is publicly visible (project also needs to be active)

*You will also be able to see the status of the page, under Page Status

Upon clicking this icon, you will be able to review your page and see suggested edits that may need to be made, such as settings that either contain our default content or an invalid input. 


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