The Stakeholder Engagement Summary Dashboard shows a live graphical overview of the project data. The total visits and unique users data is derived from Google Analytics software.

Because Social Pinpoint doesn't force logins on public projects the statistics are not 100% accurate. In some cases, if a user keeps their browser tab open over a day on our map they can generate new visits without new sessions causing Unique Users to be higher than Total Visits.

Engagement information displayed includes:

Total VisitsUnique UsersAverage TimeUnique StakeholdersCommentsSurvey Responses

The total number of visits to your project site

The total number of unique people viewing your site (generally determined by using the same browser)The average time people are spending on the site viewing and interacting with the projectThe number of people who are interacting with the site (adding comments / answering surveys)The total number of comments on your siteThe total number of survey responses on your site