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Online engagement generally results in increased participation rates and as a result you can end up collecting a lot of data on a project.

Social Pinpoint provides easy to use reporting/ dashboarding and export features to help you understand the information you collect without spending hours processing the data. 

Key features include:

  • Stakeholder Engagement Summary Dashboard views

  • graphical interactive view of comments collected allowing you to sort and filter by comment type, popularity, keywords and tags

  • Comment review and moderation interface where you can easily review, tag/ categorise, moderate, search and filter incoming comments
  • Export comments and survey responses to CSV which can be opened in Excel.

  • Easy to use export feature so you can open the data in Excel for external analysis and reporting.


  • Data exports suitable for upload into GIS systems

Advanced reporting coming soon including:

  • Heat-Mapping
  • Summary View
  • Demographic Graphing
  • Stakeholder Clustering

Social Pinpoint also provides services such as heatmap reporting and access to project data through our API for integration with other systems. 


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