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The following instructions relate to exporting Budget Response data into csv (Excel) format.

To export your Budget Data:

  1. Log in to your Social Pinpoint Admin site
  2. Select a project from the Project List
  3. Select Budgets from the menu on the left side of the screen
  4. Select View on budget you wish to export data from
  5. On the Budget page, select the 'Export CSV' option on the top right of the page

The resulting csv file can be opened in Excel for further analysis and reporting

Details on the information exported are as follows:

ProjectThe name of the parent project against which the budget was completed
Budget NameThe name of the budget
Created OnThe date and time that this Budget Response was created
EmailThe email address of the stakeholder who submitted the response
UserTrue of False based on whether the stakeholder is a registered user
Response ValuesThe individual answers of this response - each budget item will have a True or False value based on whether or not the item was selected, and if the Budget Item had a corresponding value this will also be displayed

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