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Professional Subscriptions include the option to add a Google Translate selector to your project

Step-by-step guide

Text may be translated inaccurately or not be translated at all and you agree to Google Translate Terms by using this feature. This feature is only currently available on a Professional subscription, Contact Us for more information.

If you require more accurate translation, please review the Auto-Detect/Force Language help document. Contact Us to discuss this option in more detail or to request a language not currently supported.

Click to Enlarge ImageSteps

To turn on Google Translate for a project or page, navigate to your Project Settings by selecting Edit next to the name of that project

Under Translations you will see an option to Enable Google Translate or Auto-detect/Force a language.

Once Google Translate is enabled users will see a translate icon in the top right of the project. When selected, a drop down selector will appear where a supported language can be selected.

All text on your project including comments will be translated to your selected language*

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