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Yes! We integrate with Bang the Table (EngagementHQ), Slack and Consultation Manager. Further, by using our embed code our tools can easily be added to your current website, your Facebook page or Survey Monkey project. You can also create 'zaps' using Zapier to integrate Social Pinpoint to applications such as GmailEvernoteTrello and more!

We acknowledge that our customers will often need to use a range of digital engagement tools in order to make the most out of their consultation projects.  We want to empower your organisation to get the best results possible and will always make sure that we make it easy to share data with your other business tools and systems

We have provided a secure API (application programming interface) to allow other tools to integrate, extract data and receive notifications from Social Pinpoint.

Contact one of our friendly staff to find out how Social Pinpoint can integrate with all of your consultation tools. 

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