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When you have finished setting up your project and are ready to open it up for public comment, you will need to set it to Active.

If you are currently on a Free trial account, you will have to upgrade your subscription to set you project to Active and let the public see it. You can click the Purchase Subscription button at the top of your account or contact us if you need help choosing a subscription that's right for you.

Step-by-step guide

Social Pinpoint Administrators can control the Project State by logging into the Admin interface, Select Edit next to the project you would like to make active.

Under 'Project Status' set the project state to 'Active' - don't worry you can change it back to Setup at anytime if you want to make any changes. 

The Project State setting options are as follows:

  • Setup - select during system configuration, no public access the site unless you are logged in as an administrator
  • Active - this state allows public to post comments and interact with the site
  • Closed for Comment - allows public to view comments, can not add new comments
  • Archived - state removes the project and associated data

When you have chosen the project state, click 'Update' to save changes.


Note: If you have an associated Page, you will need to Publish this page by following these instructions How do I publish my Page?.

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