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The following guide outlines the steps involved in moderating and reviewing incoming survey responses. 

Reviewing Survey Responses on a daily or weekly basis reduces the workload at the end of a project and helps to keep you up to date with incoming content.

To review the Survey Responses of your project:

  1. Log in to your Social Pinpoint Admin site
  2. In the main title bar click the Survey Responses option: 


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The Survey Responses page shows a list of all responses received for the surveys defined for your project(s)

Options for each comment line entry include:

  • View - click to view the full response details, including individual answers
  • Review - click to 'review' a survey response (see below)
  • Delete - click to delete a survey response

Filters allows you to only see survey responses you are interested in, or to or search for specific responses.

Use the 'Filters' option on the right hand side of the screen to:

  • Only show responses for a particular Survey
  • Only show responses that have a selected Tag value

You can also search for specific survey responses by their "source" - the area of your project against which the survey was included:

    • map layer (when completed by clicking on a shape)
    • info marker (when completed within an info marker popup)
    • marker type (when completed while leaving a comment)
    • GeoSurvey step (if completed within a GeoSurvey workflow)


To Review survey responses:

  1. Click the 'Review' link in the end column of the responses table
  2. Follow the steps below to update as required


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Clicking the 'Review' option opens the survey response to an Edit page.

Survey Response Details: Shows the email address of the respondent, in addition to the other identifying details of the response (map associations, timestamp, etc.)



Tags can be configured for each project and are used by Administrators to categorise incoming comments and survey responses, resulting in a more useful collated data set at the end of a project.

After reading the details and answers (see below) of the response, select any number of tags that best categorise it.

Click here for instructions on how to create or edit Tags.

Survey Answers

List of the answers provided in the response are shown at the bottom of the screen in order to help in the categorisation of a response.


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