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This is the Social Pinpoint Administrators FAQ. Search or browse commonly asked questions about Social Pinpoint below 




Auto-Detect or Lock a Language

Can I change the domain name URL (link) to my project?

Can I clone/copy my project?

Can I connect my Social Pinpoint site to my website analytics - [Google Analytics]?

Can I create a private / internal project?

Can I customize password requirements?

Can users switch between satellite and street view?

Change Marker Clustering Settings

Common Esri ArcGIS Base Map URLs

Diagnosing browser loading issues (SSL)

Does Social Pinpoint support multi-language?

Do you have a sample set of common Terms & Conditions for Social Pinpoint projects?

Do you integrate with any other engagement tools? (EngagementHQ, Consultation Manager etc.)

Editing or deleting a Budget that already has received responses

Editing or deleting a Survey that has already received responses

How are Ranking Question Results Calculated

How can I add new users to my account

How can I retrieve GeoJSON file from ArcGIS MapServer

How does a Social Pinpoint project get set up?

How does Social Pinpoint work on mobile devices?

How do I 'hide' all comments from the public but still keep them saved for admin use?

How do I activate my project so that people can see it? [make project live]

How do I add a background image to my ideas wall

How do I add more than 6 markers to my map?

How do I change the order of my legend?

How do I change user permissions

How do I close my project when I don't want any more comments/ survey responses?

How do I convert a SHP Shapefile file to GeoJSON

How do I convert my GIS data to WGS84 - EPSG:4326

How do I delete comments or survey responses

How do I delete my project?

How do I delete or move Information Markers

How do I embed a video into the welcome screen, sidebar or information marker

How do I embed Social Pinpoint tools into my website

How do I enable/disable social media (facebook/twitter) from my project?

How do I enable two finger scroll when a map is embedded

How do I grey out the non-project area?

How do I highlight my points/marker layers?

How Do I Integrate with Zoom

How do I make my legend clickable

How do I overlay an image on a map

How do I set my budget to Live?

How do I set my survey to Live?

How do I share my project internally for review

How do I tag a link with a Zone (Layer) or Sidebar ID in the welcome info?

How do I turn off required user emails?

How do I upload GIS spatial data onto the map?

How To Prevent/Allow Pin Drops in the Map?

Using ESRI ArcGIS Basemaps

Using Image Layers in Social Pinpoint

What outputs does Social Pinpoint provide?

Why can't I create a new project?

Why can't I move/edit points on my uploaded layer

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