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KeySummaryRelease Notes
SPP-2564Ability to archive pages



KeySummaryRelease notes comment 

Map Editor Menu Focus and Changes

We have made some changes to simplify our admin menu. The map editor now fully replaces the original "Base Map Settings" page, and the previous "Map Layers" menu item has been moved to the map editor itself, as a new "Layer Details" button shown above the editor's map pane.

Ability to CSV export Layers - WAS (Add ability to report on like/dislike of map layers)

Layer details can now be exported in CSV format, which includes the number of upvotes & downvotes for each layer. Available from the Layer Details screen, which is accessible from the Map Editor.

Add ear icon

Additional ear icon added.


KeySummaryRelease notes 

Last signed in time should be sortable in Manage Users

The Last Signed In time is now sortable in Manage Users

Ability to upload an image/s as a question type in a Survey

Surveys can now include a question type of "image", allowing your users to upload photos and other graphical content as part of their survey response.

Ability to tag a survey response

Survey responses can now be tagged, in exactly the same fashion as comments.

Make 'sidebar tabs' be internally linkable like zones

Sidebar tabs can now be linked to in <a> links similar to zone-id's. You can use this in all popups and text areas, such as welcome screen and zone popups


KeySummaryRelease notes
SPP-2261Ability to configure whether drag to drop comment markers are shown at the top in a Geosurvey step

Ability to configure whether drag to drop comment markers are shown at the top in a Geosurvey step

SPP-2260Ability to click sidebar button to activate geosurvey without opening sidebar (if blank)

Ability to click sidebar button to activate geosurvey without opening sidebar (if blank)


Per Page Control via API

Ability to control the number of items returned in a page via the API

See our github for more documentation


Added Support CenterAdded an easier way to search and find help in our documentation library


Ability to track changes for comments/projects etc..

If survey has Single Submit ticked, it should't show survey again if user has already submitted

Single-submit surveys are no longer presented to a stakeholder when submitting a comment if that stakeholder has completed the survey previously. 

Similarly, single-submit surveys that reside in sidebar tabs, or that are shown for a map layer or info marker, will no longer be presented to a stakeholder once completed, with the "thank you" message for the survey shown in its place. This will only occur for those stakeholders that have chosen the "Remember Me" option when submitting a comment or survey.


  • Internal release features


  • Ability to hide the base map on a GeoSurvey step. This is particularly useful when wanting to display location information such as an underground carpark or inside a building.
  • We've added the ability to associate comments dropped to the particular Geosurvey Step they were dropped on. These comments are then NOT visible when looking at another Geosurvey step. 

    This is particularly useful for projects that want to display multiple design options as you can now clearly show what comments are associated with what design option. Switching between design options will change to the set of comments specific to that design option
  • Comments that are discussions / replies to another comment, zone or information marker now have a reference to that parent comment / zone / info marker in the CSV export
  • Added horse trailer icon
  • New Question Type that allows display of static HTML and text. This question type does not need any input from the user and is purely for information display in the survey
  • Question titles can now include HTML. e.g. You can now use an image as a question or any other arbitrary HTML

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