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You can customize various configuration options of your Social Pinpoint site through the settings available in the Project Settings.

To add new or configure your existing Social Pinpoint projects:

  1. Log in to your Social Pinpoint Admin site
  2. Select Edit next to the applicable project or Create a new Project
  3. If you select Edit, you will taken directly into Project Settings (if not you can find Project Setting in the menu on the left)
  4. Follow the guide below to configure the various settings and options.

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Project Details

Subtitle (optional): Enter a descriptive subtitle visible to users on the welcome/ info screen

Timezone: set timezone of the project location

Region: map location Language region code used to provide a bias to the geo search functionality

Private Project: Enables the project to be private. Anonymous users cannot view the map when this feature is enabled. Only users defined by an Administrator and supplied with the project URL have access to the map. For more info please see Can I create a private / internal project?

Note: Private projects are only available on the Professional Package Add-on.



Project Logo: Choose your company logo to be located at the top left of the map project page. Size should be 390x170px - file type should be .jpg

Mobile Logo: Size should be 100x100px - file type should be .jpg

Project List Branding

Image and text used on landing pages to describe the project

Project Summary: Description of the project

Hero Image: Display image for the project

Project Feature Options

Enable Photos: When set users can upload photos with comments

Require Review: When enabled all comments must be reviewed before being visible to the public on the map. (info) However, if you are logged in and are viewing the map, you will see all reviewed and unreviewed comments. This is so you can view them in context as you're reviewing.

Enable Social Media: Enable/ Disable Facebook, Twitter and Google integration for users to share their comments

Pre-fill user data: Automatically pre-fill email and other user data on forms if user selects Remember

Auto moderation: With this option enabled, the system automatically scans all comments for profanity, URLs and Images and ensures that they are not visible until they are reviewed by an administrator.

Enable Search Engine Indexing: Allow search engines to index the contents of this page for searching

Keep track of important stakeholder details: Allows you to turn off the email field from comments, survey and discussions.


Disabling user emails across your entire project can cause less accurate stakeholder reporting and is not recommended.

Enable Google Translate (PROPACK): Allows users to automatically translate all features on your project using Google Translate.

Notification Settings

Email users: This setting must be enabled for any email notifications. It enables a customisable email to be sent to users who post comments and complete surveys. You can also set the reply email to appear on the confirmation emails. 

Extended Marker Types

This checkbox must be ticked to use more than 6 marker types or route drawing.


Force the project to display in the given language or use the browsers auto detection

Enable Google Translate: Allows users to automatically translate the project text and feedback via Google Translate.

Information Messages

Add a custom message to users when they attempt to drop pins outside the allowed areas on the map

Custom Javascript (PROPACK)

You can place custom Javascript here to include such features as

  • Your own Google Analytics tracker
  • Chatbot
  • Lead Generator
  • Facebook/Google Pixels
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