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This guide describes how to configure Ideas Wall Project types.

To add new or configure your existing Social Pinpoint Ideas Wall.

  1. Log in to your Social Pinpoint Admin site.
  2. Select Create New Project
  3. Follow the guide below to configure the various settings and options.

You can show your Social Pinpoint interactive map in an Ideas Wall format at any time by simply adding /ideas to the end of your project URL. for example: https://demo.mysocialpinpoint.com/home#/ideas Please contact us for further assistance.

Click Image to enlarge

Choose the to create and Ideas Wall project.

Follow the prompts in the Project Setup Wizard

Note: these settings can all be edited later, once you have gone through the setup wizard process.

Give your project a name, this will automatically generate the slug for the project URL (e.g. https://demo.mysocialpinpoint.com/ideas-wall#/ideas)

Create the Marker Types you would like to use to categorise the feedback on your Ideas Wall.

Select the colour and marker icon for each category.

Note: there is a maximum of 6 marker types per project.

Click Save & Continue

The basic setup is now complete!

Click View Your Project to open the Ideas Wall in another tab and start adding feedback

More Ideas Wall Settings

Ideas wall prompt title: Short instructional text to display on the top of the Ideas Wall module

Read Only: Sets the Ideas Wall view to read only (to be used when you want to display comments from a map project)

Enable Search Engine Indexing: Allow search engines to index the contents of the page

Ideas wall logo: Alternate logo for Ideas Wall module. Image size should be 1260x170 px

Marker Types

In Information Settings on the left, click Marker Types

Configure marker types for your Ideas Wall. See here for instructions on how to setup marker types.

You can also setup comment tags to privately categorize comments.

Sidebar Buttons

Please see the guide on how to setup Sidebar Tabs

You cannot configure Sidebar tabs with the following widgets in an Ideas Wall project:

  • Project areas
  • Activity
  • Legend


Surveys can be configured to be within the sidebar tab or as an Information Marker. See here for Survey setup guide.

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