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Budgets can be configured and placed onto Pages.

To configure Budgets:

  1. Log in to your Social Pinpoint Admin site
  2. Follow the guide below to configure the various settings and options
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Select a current project using the edit button on the welcome screen or create a new project

Click Budgets in the Tools Settings menu on the left

Click New Budget or edit an existing entry

Note: Budgets will switch from DRAFT to LIVE when the survey has responses. You will not be able to make some edits when the survey is Live (you might need to delete test budget responses)


Voting Type: Select the voting type of your budget, one of the following:

  1. Votes
  2. Knapsack

(see below for more information about specific types)

Note: Voting Type will affect what attributes and configurations you have access to. Any attributes marked with * are dependent on voting type

Name: Enter a name for your budget


Max Value: Enter the maximum value this budget can take

Min Value: Enter the minimum value this budget can take

*Max Items: Enter the maximum votes allowed on a Knapsack budget

*Min Items: Enter the minimum votes allowed on a Knapsack budget


Require Registration: Select this if you require all participants to be registered users

Single Submit: If registration is required, select this if you only want one submission per user

*Show Currency: Select this if you'd like to display a currency symbol next to values on this budget

*Currency: Select which currency symbol you'd like displayed next to values on this budget

Allow Images: Select this if you'd like to provide images on all budget items

Note: Budget Items will be displayed in a smaller format if images are used. Ensure all budget items have images if selecting this option

Budget Items

Name: Enter a name for this budget item

Description: Enter a description for this budget item

*Value: Enter a value for this Knapsack budget item

Image: Upload an image to be displayed with this budget item


The 'votes' style of budget allows a user to select a given number (or range) of options from a list, where each item is considered to be equal or value is not important


The 'knapsack' style of budget allows a user to select options from a list where each item has a value. The budget will have a maximum value that can be allocated across all selected options, and may also have limits placed on the number of options that can be selected (regardless of value)

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