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This guide explains the site setup and configuration options only available to project Administrators. 

For information related to using the Social Pinpoint online engagement mapping tool refer to the End User Guide to Using Social Pinpoint.

Your Social Pinpoint account contains one or more Social Pinpoint Projects. Each project will have it's own markers, map, dates and contains the feedback from end users about your project engagement.

When you are logged in you will see a list of all projects across the account (or just the ones you have access to) on the welcome screen or you can access them by selecting 'Projects' up the top of the page. 

Project Setup

Once you have created your project this is the home setup screen where you can navigate to all project settings and features.

Project Name - The name of your project.

Project URL -The URL that you will provide to your stakeholders when the project is 

Dates - These are dates used for reporting. Adjusting this will change the dates for the Dashboard.

Project Status - This refers to the four project states the project can be in. Once status set, update button confirms the project status. More details here: How do I activate my project so that people can see it? [make project live]

Project Users - If you are the administrator of an account you can add new users and change user permissions provided your license allows more admins to be added : How do I change user permissions

Manage Tags - 'Tags' can be dynamically configured for each project and are used by Administrators to categorise incoming comments and survey responses, resulting in a more useful collated data set at the end of a project : Project Setup -Tags

Project Notifications - custom notifications to admin users when stakeholder comments are made or require attention : Project Setup - Admin Notifications for Stakeholder Comments and Survey Responses

Advanced Settings - You can customise various configuration options of your Social Pinpoint site through the settings available : Project Setup - Advanced Project Settings

Project Tools
For each tool that is included in the project, you will see a blue (1).

Once viewed, the settings associated with the tool will display along the right side, as you can see in the example photo.

Project Share


This popup shows project share and Embed options. For more detail you can also check out our pages for sharing your project and embedding your Social Pinpoint tools into your website. 


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