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What will happen to Pages I have already created?

Any Pages created in V1 will still be available to the public and administrators of the accounts. Pages created in V1 can be edited in the V1 Page Builder however any new pages you create will be in the the V2 Page Builder

Can I convert my V1 Pages to the new version?

At this stage you will need to manually recreate your V1 Pages in the V2 builder if you would like to take advantage of the new functionality on older pages. You can reach out to our team to discuss the best options/approach for doing this.

What if I need to create a page in the old builder?

By default any new pages will be created in the new builder however you can reach out to your Account Manager or our Support team and we can help you create a page in the old builder if required.

Where can I find more detail on the new functionality?

You can reach our to our legendary support team at anytime by emailing support@socialpinpoint.com or visit our help centre for Pages V2 here.

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