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Widgets Currently Available

Discussion Widget

This widget lets users discuss a topic set by you

Document Library Widget

This widget allows you to upload documents, images and other files into your page for users to download

Engagement Widget

The Engagement Widget is a power tool to guide users to different engagement areas of your platform

Events Widget

This Widgets lets you show upcoming events or key dates

FAQ Widget

This widget is an interactive way to show frequently asked questions or show information

Follow Us Widget

This widgets lets you connect your Social Media accounts so users can follow you

Footer Widget

This widget is typically placed at the bottom of your page and is a great component to add into a template for future pages

Gallery Widget

This Widget lets you add an image gallery into your page

Header Navigation

The Header Widget is typically used at the top of you page and is a great component to add into a template

Introduction Widget

The Introduction Widget is a great way to set the scene of your page and create an engaging first impression

Project List Widget - V1 Legacy Page Builder

NOTE: This help doc describes a widget in our V1 Legacy Builder. If using our V2 builder, please reference Page Builder V2 - Projects List Widget.

Project Phase Widget

This widget is a great way to show your users the current stage of your projects

Project Stats Widget

This widget provides a snapshot to users of the amount of engagement on a specific project

Rich Text Widget

This Widget give you the flexibility to add text, images and videos to any aspect of your page

Survey Widget

This widget lets you add a survey into a page either on its own or amongst other widgets

More Coming Soon

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