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Overview of setting up Page Templates

Step-by-step guide

Page Templates allow you to create a consistent look and feel across your pages by locking in certain elements

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Page Templates can be found in the pages drop down at the top of the Admin screen

From here, you will see a list of all of the templates created for you site

We create a default template for you which you can edit or you can make as many of you own as you like using the New Page Template button

To edit a Page Template you can select the Page Builder on the right of your template

Once in the Page Builder you will be able to edit, change or delete any of the components of the template (remember these components will be locked when this template is used on future pages).

To add a new widget, select Add New Component. This will give you a choice of widgets to add

  • Header Navigation: Navigation panel containing branding + links to other URL's or pages
  • Introduction: Photo, title and intro to the page
  • Project Stats: Shows current State, Comments or particular project
  • Project Phases: Snapshot view of current, upcoming and completed projects with a title and description
  • Project List: View of all or selected projects with links through to project
  • FAQ: Customisable questions and answers
  • Footer: Base of page containing logo and customisable URL links
  • Rich Text: Free text area which can also include images and videos & links
  • Document Library: Can contain files for users to download
  • Survey: can link to a previously created survey
  • Events: Add specific events which can include a description or link to register (if using external event platform)
  • Gallery: Upload images for users to view
  • Engagement: Add particular engagement type ie. Interactive Map, Ideas Wall or Stand-alone Survey
  • Follow Us: Allows you to add links to your social media
  • Discussion: Allow users to discuss a particular topic similar to a forum
  • Breadcrumbs: This will allow users to add a set of links that follows the users path and allows them to click back to a previous page

  • Placeholder Widget: This widget is only available when building a template, this allows you to hold an empty space for different widgets when this template is used on another page

All widgets can be edited or deleted by selecting the edit button on the top right of the widget

Each widget will have different customisable features

To change the name and description of your template you can select the Settings button on the top left of the page

You can also view the page template as a user would by selecting Preview Mode

Once you are happy with your template, you can save using the Done button in the top right

Select Save Draft and you template will be saved and can now be used across other pages

To apply this template to a page, you will be able to select a template in the Page Builder

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