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Currently a work in progress. If you would like this enabled on your account please contact our support team

Map Report

This report provides an easy snapshot historical view of comments on the map. The main features are

  • Shows each comment as a number that you can cross reference with our exported CSV
  • Comments are currently numbered in order of when they were added into the system. They are also grouped by their marker type

Accessing the Report

From the comment screen select the Map Report button in the header menu. If you don't see this, the feature may not be enabled in your accounts. Contact our support team and we can enable it for you.

This will then generate the report (shown to the right). The image may take a few seconds to load as it is an external system taking a screenshot of the map.

Accessing the 'live' report

If you would like more control over what marker types are shown, you can access the live report view by clicking the link in the menu bar at the top of the report

This will open up the Social Pinpoint map and enable you to filter on/off marker types. 

You can then use a screenshot of this in conjunction with our normal CSV export to cross reference the comment numbers for your own reporting

Limitations and things we're looking at

  • Only parent comments are shown in the report. We are working on exposing any discussion comments.
  • We show all publicly visible comments only. There is no way in the map report to edit which marker types to show. (yet)
  • The screenshot is taken with a 5 minute cache so you need to wait 5 minutes to regenerate a new one if markers are changed
  • Print button is still being worked on
  • If zones are large they may not be visible on initial screenshot. A second loading of the report generally works (though note the 5 minute cache time above)

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