Take control of your Social Pinpoint account with our detailed documentation.

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To mange global settings for your account, you can select the dropdown in the right that says 'Hi, your name'

Select 'Manage Account'.

By selecting 'Site' you will be able to update the following:

Branding Colours: These are the colours used if using Pages

Site Image: These are the logos that will show on the Admin Login Panel

Homepage: Here you can set a global homepage for the account as well as a template for that page

Site Advanced: (ADVANCED USERS ONLY) Here you can add custom CSS or Javascript code to make global edits to your Social Pinpoint application

By selecting 'Billing' you will be able to view the following:

Organisation Details: Here you can view or update your billing information

Current Plan: Here you can see your current subscription, the number of projects you have available in your account and when your subscription is due for renewal

Credit Card: If paying by credit card, your details will be displayed here

By selecting 'Account' you will be able to update the following:

Regulatory Details: Here you can select global settings regarding capturing stakeholder IP address', Password Policies and Password Character Constraints

URL Settings: If available on your subscription, you can set a fully custom URL for your Social Pinpoint projects

SEO: Here you can select global settings for Search Engine Indexing

Notification Settings: Here you can set the Reply Email address to appear on confirmation emails sent to users who post comments and survey responses

By selecting 'Integrations' you will be able to configure integrations with compatible tools.

For more information on Integrations click here

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