Take control of your Social Pinpoint account with our detailed documentation.

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Log into your Social Pinpoint Admin account

Navigate to 'Manage Account'

Select 'Integrations'

To create a new integration with Consultation Manager, select 'New Integration' and select 'New CM integration'

You will now need to enter your CM information to connect.

Name: This can be labeled whatever you like eg. Project name

Token URL: Enter the following URL - https://auth.mysite-preview.com.au/connect/token

Base URL: Enter the following URL - consultationmanager-preview.com

Enterprise: This will be your subdomain

Username: Your CM username

Password: Your CM password

You can then test the connection to ensure it is working and all of the details have been entered correctly. Once complete select 'Submit'.

You will now be able to map each of your Social Pinpoint projects to the corresponding Consultation Manager project.

Head to the 'Setup' screen for your project and select 'Integrations'

Mapping options will be populated from your Consultation Manager system and can be customised on a project-by-project basis.

Once mapped, select 'Submit'

Your CM integration setup, is now complete

For additional support with Consultation Manager integrations, please visit http://vnsupport.consultationmanager.com.au/support/home

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