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If you've built your project and want to share this internally for review there are a number of ways

We are currently looking at a better way to support this, so stay tuned

Step-by-step guide

If you have a paid subscription that includes private projects

  1. Set up your project as a private project
    Can I create a private / internal project?
  2. Add new users to your account that have Project User permissions How do I change user permissions
  3. You can then share the project URL with them

If you are on a trial or don't have advanced permissions in your plan

  1. Change the slug (URL) of the project or page to something that is not easy guessed. We recommend a site such as https://www.guidgenerator.co You can generate a random number and use that for the project/page URL
    The project slug can be changed under Project Setup - Project Settings, HOWEVER
    If you have a Landing Page configured for your Project, the slug is configured under the Page Builder - Page Builder

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