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A range of Social Pinpoint's Widgets can be embedded into your website using custom html tags.

Embedded Widgets are currently in beta - so some features and functionality is limited

Social Pinpoint supports embedding:

  • Interactive Maps
  • Ideas Walls
  • Engagement Widgets
  • Discussion/Topic Widgets

Step-by-step guide

StepClick Image to Enlarge
Click Embed in the side-bar underneath Information

On this screen you have access to the Legacy embed code (iframe) and the Beta embed code

From here, select the type of widget you would like to embed

Fill in the fields to create and customise the widget

Copy the EMBED CODE and the SOURCE SCRIPT and keep this somewhere you can easily access it

Contact Social Pinpoint to register the website that you plan to embed your widget into

Simply paste the copied text (both the SOURCE SCRIPT and EMBED CODE) into your website's html code

Once we have approved your domain your widget should now display on your website

See our example on the right

If you are embedding multiple widgets of the same type, such as a list of Engagement Widgets, you will only need the one SOURCE SCRIPT

Embeddable Widgets are made using Angular 6 - unfortunately at this point in time embedded widgets will not work on a Website that is driven by any Angular version previous to this

Multiple widgets of different types cannot be placed on the same page - this is something we will be adding in the future

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