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Social Pinpoint - Online Mapping for Community Engagement

Social Pinpoint is an online community engagement tool that allows users to publicly post feedback, concerns and ideas related to a consultation project on an easy to use drag and drop mapping tool.

Using Social Pinpoint is easy! Follow this guide to get started.

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Click Images to view full size


  1. Browse to/ open your project site in any web browser (optimal in Chrome, Firefox and newer IE verions >9)

2. If this is your first time visiting the site an introduction window with project details will appear.

3. If you need to see the introduction page with project details again or more information - click on the 'i' button in the sidebar tab.

4. Have a look around!

  • Click on a Project Area (in the sidebar tabs), the map will zoom to that area and if configured a window displaying information will appear
  • Zoom the map in and out, drag left to right or use the map controls on the right hand side
  • Try the address search on the top right to find a specific location
  • Scroll through the Activity Feed on the left hand sidebar - see something interesting? Click it to view on the map.
  • Click through comments and project information directly on the map.
  • If enabled, on the comment popup click zoom in, vote or share with your friends on social media
  • Click on the filter icon and search/ filter comments as required

5. Now get involved and add a comment!

  • Zoom in to an area on the map that you would like to comment about (must be within the relevant area)
  • Read the different marker icons in the top centre of the page to see the different types
  • Pick one of the markers and drag it to the spot on the map that you would like to comment about
  • Take note, to change the position of the newly added marker, simply drag the marker to the new location.

6. Complete your comment

  • Complete the comment entry form; ensuring that all the required fields are filled in accurately
  • Recall the project information details on the introduction window. Make sure you comment is relevant!
  • If enabled, feel free to upload a photo that relates to your comment
  • If enabled, Click the link to view the Terms and Conditions, read carefully and if you agree tick the 'I agree' option
  • Click Add Comment to submit your feedback

On projects where you are required to log in, there is no need to enter an email so this won't be visible

7. Your comment has been submitted. Thanks! You should now see a confirmation window.

  • Take note of the receipt number as you may wish to follow up on your comment at a later date
  • If enabled on this project; you may receive a confirmation email
  • You may be asked to provide additional information; complete accurately and send

In most cases your comment will now be visible to other users on the Activity Feed and on the map; with some exceptions:

  • Some projects review each comment prior to making visible to the public
  • Social Pinpoint auto-moderates profanity
  • Photos and web-links require review by project moderators before being visible to the public.

8. Have more to say? Leave another comment by following the previous steps. Your valued input is appreciated!

9. Share your comment on social media and or let your friends know about the project by sharing with all common social media platforms

10. If you want to search an existing comment then click on the filter icon and type in the the search bar something you wish to find e.g. Environment or you can toggle off the different Marker Types

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