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Overview of how to create a new page

Step-by-step guide

How-to video

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There are two ways to create a new page (note: we create your first page for you)

  1. To create a new Page to add to a current project, this is done from your Project Setup Page.
    This is a great option if you need Surveys, Ideas Walls or other engagements to add to the page or if you want to create your Home Page or main hub for your engagement site

  2. Use the New Page button within your pages dashboard.
    This will be the option you use most of the time

Once you have created a new page it will become visible in your Page Dashboard where you can see:

Title: The title of the page

Template: If a template is attached to that page

Last Edited: The date the page last was edited

Last Published: The date the page was last published

Status: The current status of the page (Draft, Latest Draft or Published)

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