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The following guide outlines the steps involved in moderating and reviewing incoming comment data. 


Reviewing Comments on a daily or weekly basis reduces the workload at the end of a project and helps to keep you up to date with incoming content.


TermSocial Pinpoint Definitions (Comments)

Comments that have been 'Reviewed' have been read and acknowledged by site administrators/ moderators.

Mask Profanity

Comment text that has been 'Masked' is left visible but inappropriate content has been converted to a random string of characters eg @#$%&.

Masking is generally used in relation to profanity when you would like the comment to remain visible but want certain words removed.


Comments that have been 'Moderated' have been removed from the mapping interface and are no longer visible to the public.

The comment data is still visible to system Administrators when logged in to the admin site.


To view your project(s) comments:

  1. Log in to your Social Pinpoint Admin site
  2. In the main title bar click the Comments option: 


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The Comments page shows a list of all comments received for your project(s)

Quick filters listed at the top of the page include:

  • All - All comments
  • Todays - View comments received today only
  • To Review - Comments that have not been reviewed
  • Photos to Review - Comments containing photos that require review
  • Moderated - a list of all comments previously moderated
  • Check Profanity - comments that may contain profanity
  • Contains URL - comments that may contain an external site link

Options for each comment line entry include:

  • View - click to View the full comment details
  • Review - Click to 'review' a comment (see below)
  • View on Map - click to open a new page showing the comment on the Social Pinpoint mapping interface

Filters allows you to only see comments you are interested in or search for specific comments.

Use the 'Filters' option on the right hand side of the screen to:

You can also search for a specific comment via:

    • Created at time
    • Email
    • Receipt ID
    • Area / Layer
    • Comment contents
    • Reviewed and Moderated time


To Review/ Moderate comments:

  1. Click the 'Review' link in the end column of the comments table
  2. Follow the steps below to update as required


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Clicking the 'Review' option opens the comment to an Edit page.

Comment Details: Shows the email address, comment text and any additional comment text submitted.

The 'View on Map' option opens a new page showing the comment on the Social Pinpoint mapping interface


Comment Tags

Comment Tags can be configured for each project and are used by Administrators to categorize the incoming comments resulting in a more useful collated data set at the end of a project.

After reading the posted comment content chose which tag applies to the comment. Multiple tags can be selected if required.

Click here for instructions on how to create or edit comment Tags.

Attached Photo

If a photo has been uploaded with a comment it must be approved before it is publicly visible.

Photo Approved: Tick this option to allow the photo to be publicly visible with the comment

If Photo approved is left un-ticked and Reviewed is selected the 'awaiting approval' icon will no longer be shown with the comment and the photo will be hidden,


Reviewed: Select when the comment has been read and acknowledged by site administrators/ moderators.

Mask Profanity: If profanity has been detected you can chose to un-select Moderated and instead just 'mask' the inappropriate content with random characters. (eg #$%^&) the rest of the comment content will remain visable

Moderated: removes the comment from the mapping interface so it is no longer visible to the public. This is automatically set on detection of profanity and should be used to remove any abusive or inappropriate content from the site. The comment data is still visible to system Administrators when logged in to the admin site.

Response Text: Use this section to add a response to the posted comment. The response text will be visible to the public and shown below the original comment.

An email notification containing the response will be sent to the comment owner.







If discussions are enabled for a certain marker type (see Project Setup - Marker Types) it allows other users to comment directly on the existing comment or Info Marker.


Individual responses to comments made within a discussion can be achieved by viewing the comment and filling out the Response Text.

Review Notes: Use this section to add any internal notes about the comment; e.g. 'For follow-up...'. Text entered in the review notes section is not made publicly visible or emailed to the administrator/moderator.


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