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This widget lets you add a budget into a page either on its own or amongst other widgets.

Step-by-step guide

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The Budget Widget lets you add a customised budget into a page

To place this widget into a page navigate to your Page Builder

Add New Component and select Budgeting Widget

Once placed, you can change components within the widget using the blue Edit button in the top right of the widget

The Edit screen will allow you to change the title of the widget and select the applicable budget

Title: Change the header at the top of the widget

Budget: Select which budget you would like to display in the widget (you can select any budget that has been created across any of your projects)

Once finished editing, select OK

You can also Delete the widget from this screen if you no longer want it on your page

To add a Budget into your page it first needs to be created on a project back in the Admin Screen

For help setting up Budgets you can check out Project Setup - Budgets

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